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Date 2012-10-22 | Views  105,963 | Men's Issues

Date 2012-08-15 | Views  63,725 | Advice

Date 2012-07-18 | Views  101,200 | Advice

Date 2012-07-09 | Views  87,734 | Advice

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» 4 Marriage Mistakes Men Make
Date 10-22-2012 | Views  105963 | Men's Issues |

Yes, both men and women can be guilty of things that not only make a harmonious union more of a challenge, but sometimes even sabotage the whole relationship.

» Better Sex Can Lead To Better Health
Date 08-15-2012 | Views  63725 | Advice |

Did you know that a great sex life could lead to better health? Recent studies have shown that many women have sex more out of obligation than enjoyment – meaning many couples are missing out on some major health benefits.

» 10 Ways A Great Relationship Can Save Your Life
Date 07-18-2012 | Views  101200 | Advice |

Men, you’ve all heard the jokes about how wives and girlfriends can curb a man’s lifestyle. Ladies, you embrace your independence, and the fact that you can change your own oil, pay your own bills and enjoy your weekends with your girlfriends.

» Is Online Dating A Waste Of Time?
Date 07-09-2012 | Views  87734 | Advice |

Today, online dating is more the norm, and is one of the most common strategies for singles to met new people. In fact, many of us have at least one or two friends who met their significant other online.